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Sometimes couples wish to separate without divorcing or dissolving their civil partnership, for example for religious reasons or where the marriage or civil partnership has lasted less than a year or where grounds do not exist for divorce.

When this is the case, Mackrell Turner Garrett’s Family Law team can provide expert legal advice on your options and assist in taking the appropriate steps. If you decide to separate, you can:

  • live separately and apart without any agreement relating to children, money, property or other issues
  • live separately and apart, putting in place an informal agreement covering issues such as financial arrangements, property and arrangements for children, which may not be legally binding
  • sign a legally binding document setting out the terms of the separation, called a Deed of Separation, which a solicitor should prepare
  • put in place a separation order. This is a court order and is virtually the same as a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership, but the partners cannot marry again or enter another civil partnership nor obtain a final financial order dismissing all claims against each other (a “clean break”). If the partners decide at a later date that they want to divorce or dissolve their civil partnership, they will still have to go through the formal process.

Whatever choice you make about how to manage your separation, our experts will help you to make an informed decision and make arrangements that protect your interests.

Our Family Law specialists include:

Alison Green Manisha Hurchurn Rachael House

Alison Green

Manisha Hurchurn

Rachael House

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