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In an increasingly mobile world, more and more people move abroad to work or live. As a result, relationships between people of different nationalities or marriages taking place in different countries are becoming more common. Equally the ownership of property overseas is more commonplace.

When such relationships breakdown, the international jurisdictions that may be involved can create additional challenges in resolving issues involved in separation and divorce, including financial settlements and arrangements involving children.

The Family Law team at Mackrell Turner Garrett in central London and Surrey is skilled and experienced in dealing with family matters involving international jurisdictions and provides a fast, responsive service where urgent action may be necessary. Our services include:

Divorce Guide for the Expat Community

Download our guide to Divorce Guide for the Expat Community

  • advice on where a divorce can be initiated and on the most appropriate jurisdiction
  • financial arrangements on divorce considering assets held offshore and possible tax implications
  • relocation of children – including where a parent wishes to relocate outside the UK to another jurisdiction
  • child abduction – including action to prevent the unlawful removal of a child, including a prohibited steps or residence order.

As members of Resolution, we are committed to resolving issues in a non-confrontational way while providing robust and expert representation where required.

Our Family Law specialists include:

Alison Green Manisha Hurchurn Rachael House

Alison Green

Manisha Hurchurn

Rachael House

For more information on our Family Law services in central London and Surrey, please contact us.