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Divorce and Dissolution of a Civil Partnership

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Even the most amicable divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership is likely to be difficult at times. If you are feeling upset and angry, then the prospect of legal proceedings, making financial arrangements and worrying about your own and your children’s future can make divorce or dissolution even more stressful.

If you have not consulted a solicitor before, you may also feel anxious about seeking legal advice. In fact, it is one of the wisest moves you can make.

Independent legal advice can be crucial in helping to resolve issues within divorce, for example when you are not sure about grounds for divorce or you have concerns about financial issues and how to divide your assets. At this challenging time, solicitors specialising in Family Law will help to clarify your position and identify your options and entitlements so you can make informed decisions.

Mackrell Turner Garrett’s Family Law team in central London and Surrey approaches issues arising from relationship breakdowns sensitively and objectively. We’ll give you realistic, professional advice tailored to you and your circumstances and will work with you to help resolve issues arising from your divorce or dissolution while protecting the interests of your children and yourself.

As members of Resolution, which advocates non-confrontational approaches to family law matters, we support clients to make decisions based on a clear understanding of the facts and achieve negotiated settlements, preventing the need for lengthy court proceedings. If a negotiated settlement does not prove possible, we will provide you with robust representation through the courts, ensuring you achieve a fair settlement.

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